If you want to host your existing WordPress website on the smart WP hosting service, the following process is available to transfer your website.

How to place your existing website in a SMART WP HOSTING environment?

Website migration is subject to conditions, so a preliminary survey is carried out before the migration process. We will map the technical conditions and the scale of the effort involved in the migration. We will then provide you with a quote for the potential costs of the service.

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*To cover the cost, subscribers must provide proof (e.g., an invoice) of their existing hosting subscriptions.

Process of site migration

Let’s talk about the details!

What happens after completing the questionnaire?

We will contact you via the contact details you provided with an evaluation related to the migration, in which we will inform you about the costs and details related to the transfer.

The assessment is free of charge and comes with no obligation for you!

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Let’s talk about the details!

*We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Why is it worth switching from my existing hosting?
SWPH provides your website with the stable environment and reliable online presence that is now essential if you want to maintain the long-term competitiveness of your business. We also provide professional customer support, so that we can deal with your problems in a timely and professional manner, and even provide you with developer support.

In addition, SWPH is a very cost-effective solution, and not just because of the hosting fees – we provide licensed extensions and templates that would cost your business several times more than our annual fee to purchase.

What if I don't have a WordPress website?
SMART WP HOSTING specializes exclusively in hosting WordPress websites and WooCommerce web stores. If you would like to enjoy the convenience and benefits of SWPH’s fully managed service to focus on your business goals, we can offer you alternatives to hosting your website with us.

However, these alternatives will definitely require that we migrate your website or web store to the WordPress framework, either by rebuilding the existing website design in WordPress or by implementing a renewed or different design.

We can estimate the time and financial costs of this process after a preliminary assessment, so that you have a complete picture of all the factors involved in the conversion to make the right decision.

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Can there be any obstacles to transferring the website?
Our PERSONAL packages have absolutely no barriers when it comes to WordPress websites.

However, in the case of our standard services (BASIC, PRO, PRO+ packages), there may be a number of such factors, which can be reflected in the plugins, templates, custom developments and interfaces used, among others.

How long will it take to transfer my website to SMART WP HOSTING?
The exact duration of this will always depend on the website, but ideally you should be able to migrate your website to SWPH in as little as 3 working days, provided there are no compatibility issues.
What does the cost of website migration depend on?
The cost of migrating a website depends on a number of factors. When calculating the price, we take into account how complex your website is, what templates and plug-ins you use, whether the website operates with custom development, etc.

As a first step in the migration process, we will conduct a free survey to identify these factors, assess the technical requirements for migrating your website and the amount of work required, and send you a personalised quote.