Just like your favourite car that needs to be maintained and serviced so that it doesn’t break down and leave you stranded on the side of the road, your website needs to be maintained, updated and monitored to ensure it works properly.

We take over your WordPress



Do you find it a challenge to get your website up and running properly, or is it an unresolved issue?

*If your WordPress site is not in the right hands, entrust it to SMART WP HOSTING!


There can be huge differences between cloud services, just like between a general hosting environment and a hosting environment optimised for WordPress.


The risk of hacking may not be limited to the placement of cheap advertising on your site or, worse, the placement of viruses.

In today’s digital world, important and sensitive data can be accessed and misused, which can result in serious business damage and negative customer perception.


How would you like your site to have constant attention every minute? This is exactly why we eliminate potential problems before anyone notices them.

This way, you can avoid the inconvenient moments when someone notices that your site has been down for a few days and you’ve been running ads unnecessarily.


It can be familiar when your service provider doesn’t know, understand or want to help you properly with a problem.

We can help you quickly and effectively, because we have been doing it for years.


It is not enough to just click the update button occasionally, or to leave it to auto-update. Unchecked and untested versions can crash your site because they affect the system. We will take care of this prudently.

The license fees for the templates and plug-ins we provide amount to more than €600 per year, which we provide free of charge as part of our service.

More than just a WordPress Installation!


As part of our service, we provide the Divi and Genesis templates free of charge, giving you a smooth and stable foundation for your web presence. So you don’t have to spend extra on WP flea markets.


As part of our service, we provide the Divi and Genesis templates free of charge, giving you a smooth and stable foundation for your web presence. So you don’t have to spend extra on WP flea markets.


Forms, pop-up windows, SEO, language, marketing and many other premium extensions are available for free use in our system.

They’re all legit and thoroughly tested, so you can finally forget about the “two plugins stuck together” type problems.

*Make sure you’re the first one to be informed about updates!
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Website for the price of a Netflix subscription

Our flexible and scalable subscription system.
You can choose from a range of packages to suit your needs. If the package you choose is not enough, you can upgrade to a bigger one without any restrictions.

100% money-back

Try it, test it, feel free to use it and if you don't like it, we'll refund your money*!

*The pro rata unused part of the subscription period.


We recommend it for those who are still unsure about the tasks of website development and operation. Package includes e-mail Help Desk support.
WordPress installation
Licensed plugins and themes

Google Cloud webshosting

Full-scale maintenance

Operational report

Chatbot support



We recommend this package for those who are still unsure and would like to have an email Help Desk behind them in case they need assistance.

WordPress installation

Licensed plugins and themes

Google Cloud webshosting

Full-scale maintenance

Extended operational report

Chatbot support

Live chat support



With this package, we also have a telephone Help Desk to help you quickly and efficiently if you get stuck.

WordPress installation

Licensed plugins and themes

Google Cloud webshosting

Full-scale maintenance

360º website report

Chatbot support

Live chat support

Voip call support


Do you have specific needs? We have a solution for that too!

We know that you have questions

We answer the most frequently asked important questions.

Why is SWPH a cost-effective and secure solution?
In the current economic downturn and fierce online competition, every business needs to think in terms of scalable, foolproof and high-performing solutions. If this trinity can be achieved cost-effectively, it is a trump card in the hands of businesses. 
Think about it: for a single programming hourly fee, you get a month of outstanding service, you don’t have to pay a dedicated professional to run it, and you get the world’s most advanced technology with 24/7 monitoring. 
It’s a 100% guarantee that you will always be online on competitive terms, with nothing for you to do and free to concentrate on other operational or business matters.
What is a WordPress-specific hosting service?

It means that the hosting service is specifically configured only according to the specificities of the WordPress system, in order to ensure that the website can operate in the fastest, safest and most secure conditions possible. All hardware and software configurations are 100% WordPress-enabled, ensuring that the website is optimised to keep it competitive.

What is the difference between managed and fully managed hosting?
A managed WordPress hosting service means that the website receives a fine-tuned service for the WordPress environment that supports the website’s operation. In return, the subscriber is responsible for all aspects of the website, including regular updates, security checks and website maintenance.
However, the fully managed hosting service also provides additional services to prevent problems related to WordPress maintenance. One such service is full-service maintenance, which includes checking and verifying updates.
SWPH takes care of all the technical aspects of your website’s operation, so you don’t have to deal with it in any way and there are no technical risks involved. 
The WordPress system is constantly being improved, so updates to the system, template and plugins are constantly being made, as they support each other to work securely and optimally. 
So the advantage of SWPH fully managed hosting is that
You do not have to deal with the technical aspects of your website
You don’t have to pay a developer to take care of it
Your website always uses the latest technology
Your site is managed by experts, so you get continuous and stable operation, speed and security
Is my current web hosting provider not hosting my website?
Common hosting providers provide a shared VPS environment that can run almost any web application, such as content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). So it does not take into account the specificities of the website’s framework and is therefore not configured for the most optimal, fastest operation. And a shared server means that a number of websites are hosted on a single computer, and the websites on the server machine take up the computer’s resources from each other, limiting the functionality of the other websites.
They typically use outdated technology to maximise profits. They do not deal with the content hosted on them and therefore do not provide a meaningful service.
Why is SMART WP HOSTING better than a professional hosting service?
With our comprehensive, stable hosting service, designed for WordPress, you can finally really sit back and relax: your website will be fast and stable, with hacker-proof protection, ongoing maintenance and a high level of technical support. 
SMART WP HOSTING is not just a web hosting service, it’s a comprehensive hosting service: thoroughly tested and professional extensions that meet our highest professional standards, fast and competent support, and a website building framework are all yours when you choose us.
Master your own hosting with no restriction.

We offer managed WordPress-specific hosting without any restrictions of the Basic, Pro, Pro+ plans. This service is for those who just need a fully WordPress-configured hosting environment to take their site to a new, well-performing level.

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