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Managed WordPress hosting service

With our comprehensive, stable hosting/operations service designed for WordPress, you can finally really sit back and relax: your website will be hacker-proofed and backed up. What’s more, SMART WP HOSTING is not just hosting. It’s a comprehensive service featuring meticulously tested extensions to meet our highest standards, customer-focused support, and a website-building framework. These could be all yours if you choose us.


A reliable, stable online presence has never been more important

Managed hosting

Why is there a growing demand for this service?
The current global situation means that more people are online than ever before. More competitors are available and more customers are looking for something online. Every business has to compete in a much faster environment. It is therefore essential to have the most stable foundations for your company in the online space. It is not enough to have an aesthetically pleasing site, it must be fast, secure and functional.

You’ll never have to spend time or money on:

Updating your website and plugins

Maintenance related to updates (handling and preventing plug-in conflicts)

Troubleshooting technical errors on the website

An external developer to manage and solve the simpler problems

You’re also guaranteed to get:

Market-leading expertise

0-24 monitoring system to prevent failures

Cutting edge technology background (Google Cloud + VPN)

Free use of clean and professional WordPress templates and plugins

360° protection, multiple levels of security technology

Accessible and professional customer service and Help Desk

A proven system that provides unbeatable service


Our service focuses on modern, complex and comfort needs. The following 5 aspects cover the new generation of hosting services, covering customer and technological needs:



The Google Cloud Platform solution ensures that a website can always allocate as much of its infinite hardware resources as it needs for its own operations. Even if there is a physical problem on the server machine, it can still ensure hardware availability. The website gets dedicated resources with unlimited scalability. It is highly secure because it does not depend on a specific server to keep the website running.



WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It provides a relatively simple, accessible and inexpensive solution for most users. It is precisely these factors that have made it the market leader in this department and, as a result, the most vulnerable system. Security is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we operate several levels of protection:

  • Server level firewall protection
  • WordPress level protection
  • Domain-level protection
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)



This means reviewing the WordPress system and plugins before updating (tracking the version number to see if the system and plugins are compatible), then testing them in a test environment and, if they work without problems, installing them in a live environment. This avoids the possibility of plug-ins clashing on the live site.



A quality hosting service cannot exist without accessible and competent customer service. Our customer support system provides a targeted solution for our subscribers. Depending on our subscription packages, our customer support is available at 3 levels:


  • Email-based customer support – Submitting requests related to website settings and content changes, such as form configuration or image content replacement.
  • Technical support – available by email to report technical issues. The page is not loading? Is something not working on the site? Can’t log in? We can help.
  • Support service – if you have a question about website design, how to put up a logo, how to upload text or audiovisual content, how to resize, our colleagues are available for helpline support.



As part of our operation, we have continuous monitoring, which involves 0-24h monitoring at multiple system levels to ensure smooth operation of our online presence. The key element of error prevention is that our systems detect even seemingly imperceptible errors before anyone notices them. Monitoring completes the control at 4 levels:


  • WordPress system monitoring
  • Website function monitoring
  • Website perfomance monitoring
  • Monitoring the hosting environment

Subscribe to any of our subscription plans and get free use of the Divi and Genesis themes and pre-installable extensions with no restrictions. Discover the value proposition of our service and subscribe at competitive prices!

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We will answer all of your questions

*We have collected the most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

Why should a WordPress website be maintained?

The WordPress framework is a fast, secure system used by millions of websites, including ibm.com, bloomberg.com, booking.com, teamviewer.com, tripadvisor.com, etc.).

However, in 2018, 90% of hacker attacks on content management systems were directed against WordPress websites. The easy vulnerability of WordPress websites is made possible by the lack of maintenance caused by lay users. The primary goal of hacker attacks is to obtain data (users, form entries, purchase data), with the secondary goal of placing advertisements and ransomware on the site, through which they can launch further attacks on the further infected machines of site visitors.

The WordPress framework is an open source platform that is constantly being developed to provide website owners with a more stable and secure system. The problem can start when WordPress updates are not tracked in time or at all by plugins installed from all sorts of random sources, thus creating a “gap in the shield” effect that allows hackers to try to hack. 

Maintenance is a key factor in the security and stability of WordPress websites, and therefore plays an increasingly important role. 

A well-maintained website is stable, without plugin crashes and downtime.

Why build your website on an international cloud platform?
Many hosting providers define themselves as cloud hosting providers, twisting the meaning of “cloud hosting”, but locally based server farms cannot compete with large giga providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Beyond the high-end server infrastructure, a significant advantage of cloud technology is its redundant network spanning continents. In practice, this means that in the event of a problem at any server centre in the entire cloud network, the website is not at risk of going down due to a malfunction, as the server farms in the network share hardware resources. So, the downed servers are taken over by machines in server centres in other global locations.

In addition, thanks to this, the website always has the right resources in the background to ensure reliable operation, regardless of the number of visitors.

Why is WordPress auto update not enough?

What is auto-update?
Auto-update allows you to update your WordPress system, templates and plugins automatically, so the latest update is installed without manual intervention. 

What is the problem with auto-update?
It may be an obvious solution, but it can cause a lot of headaches as it happens in the background without your knowledge. A typical problem is that when a WordPress system update arrives, the installed plugins/templates do not track the changes in the WordPress update, resulting in clashes between plugins, functionality issues, and/or inaccessibility of the website.

In many cases it is cumbersome to trace what is incompatible with the update. This requires external expert intervention and a lot of time. During this time, the website will be unavailable or malfunctioning.

Of course, the WP update may also contain bugs, so it is advisable to install it only after a manual scan at first, and for major version changes (e.g. from 1.x to 2.x) it is worth waiting for the first patch package (e.g. 2.1) and then scan, test and install it.

How does normal data backup/backup work and why is it not enough?
It is now available as a basic service from hosting providers to provide daily web hosting backups, which guarantee that in case of a problem, the website can be restored with daily changes. In practice, however, traditional backup is often not a backup in the event of a problem, as a successful backup restore is much more than just pressing the restore button. 

What happens during a general backup?
In general, during a backup, everything that is available on the storage is backed up, e.g. mail, data of all websites on the storage, applications, etc. Partial data recovery is not possible in many cases.

These create additional restore complications, which further delay the recovery of the website or web store.

What is the difference between managed and fully managed hosting?
A managed WordPress hosting service means that the website receives a service fine-tuned for the WordPress environment that supports the website’s operation. In return, the subscriber is responsible for all aspects of the website, including regular updates, security checks and website maintenance.

However, the fully managed hosting service also provides additional services to prevent problems related to WordPress maintenance. One such service is full maintenance, which involves checking and verifying updates.

SWPH takes care of all the technical aspects of your website’s operation, so you don’t have to deal with it in any way and there are no technical risks involved. 

The WordPress system is constantly being improved, so updates to the system, template and plugins are constantly being made, as they support each other to work securely and optimally. 

So, the advantage of SWPH fully managed hosting is that
You don’t have to deal with the technical aspects of your website
You don’t have to pay a developer to take care of it
Your website always uses the latest technology
Your site is managed by experts, so you get continuous and stable operation, speed and security